Integrity Knives EDC Notebook 3-Pack - Series 1

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This amazing 3-pack of notebooks was designed in house and then printed by none other then PM Designs. We love supporting Canadian businesses like our own and think PM Designs did a wonderful job of these.  

The notebooks are inspired by some of the Integrity Knives family favourite places to go in Ontario. We took each place, custom-made the topographic map design, and printed it on these wonderful hand-made books.

Each pack contains:

1 Map of Horseshoe Valley with lined paper

1 Map of Arrowhead Lake with plain paper

1 Map of Eagle Lake with dot graph paper


Technical Specs

  • Covers (3.5" W x 5.5"H closed) 80lb Royal Sundance Fibre Cover, digitally printed
  • Insides, (3.5" W x 5.5"H pages) White Lynx Opaque 60lb, White, Smooth paper
  • 40 pages each book