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Need a bit more space?  The Vault Secure offers additional height and an extra padded panel so you can fully utilize your Vault case to hold up to 21 average-sized knives and/or EDC items.  In addition to the extra room, the Vault Secure offers a locking mechanism found on the outside of the case.  The combination style lock securely holds both zippers in place for additional security.  Should you travel with the case and TSA requires inspection, they can do so without damaging the case or lock as it is TSA approved.

On the backside, you will find additional functionality with our unique "Maintenance Panel" System.  The Maintenance Panel features various shallow trays to hold your components during disassembly to help you organize your parts and to keep them from getting lost or rolling off the table.    

Inside the 11" X 6.5"  case, you'll find a system of velcro flex panels you can use to store your items securely.  Two Loop Panels, Two Medium Loop Panels, One Large Panel with Loops, and one Large Plaine Mid Panel that serves as a buffer between the top lid and mid-panel.  The plain mid-panel also serves as a "Patch Panel" that can hold velcro patches or any graphic with velcro backing. 

Either weave your items into the strong elastic holders or attach the clips of your knives to the weave itself.  With lots of ways for you to use the case, it's definitely a great piece of kit.  

Since you'll be carrying a bit more gear we've also included a detachable shoulder strap should you want to sling your collection around town!  

This case features a faux carbon-fiber outer shell or a smooth surface finish.  Most of the pictures feature the carbon fiber finish.  The plain finish is matte black.


- TSA Approved Combo Lock with resettable code.

- 2 x Small Loop Panels.

- 2 x Small Medium Loop Panels.

- 1 x Large Medium Loop Panel.

- 1 x Large Buffer/Patch Panel.

- Shoulder Strap (Detachable).